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Forest School


Forest School @ St Ben’s

“The best classroom and the richest classroom is roofed only by the sky.”  Margaret McMillan (Nursery School pioneer and educationalist)

Revelling in nature, getting dirty, learning to take risks, breathing in fresh air, tasting success, using tools, feeling part of the bigger picture, learning in a classroom without walls…

Welcome to… Forest School at St. Benedict’s:

We are passionate about outdoor learning at St Ben’s and the benefits this has on children’s learning. We are lucky enough to have a purpose-built outside classroom and to have a large field area which is evolving into a great space to run Forest School activities.

The impact of being outside cannot be under-estimated and, as wellbeing and positive mental health are major areas of focus in our school community, we feel that opportunities for outdoor learning are a necessity rather than a luxury

Indeed, we believe so strongly in the benefits of outdoor learning that we have invested a lot of money and time in training up the majority of our staff to deliver Forest School sessions. 

To us, it is essential that Forest School is inclusive and that every pupil gets a chance to do it every academic year, with some pupils enjoying extra sessions to target specific needs.  Its benefits on self-esteem, and social, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing are well-documented and our aim at St. Benedict’s is that Forest School is an inherent part of our broad curriculum and not just an ‘add-on’.

Please click on the document below to read more about the aims and benefits of Forest School, as well as examples of what sessions look like…