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Pastoral Care

Welcome to St. Benedict’s…

“The school is kind, protecting and wonderful!” – Year 4 Pupil Survey response 2022

“Staff at St. Benedict’s are genuinely interested in making the school a safe and happy learning environment.”

Parent survey response, 2022.

At St. Benedict’s, our aim is to create a stimulating, inclusive environment in which our pupils, and the adults who work with them, will flourish. The original school building dates back to the 1870’s, when the stark message ‘LEARN or LEAVE’ hung ominously above the front door. We would like to think we are slightly more progressive now, and we have developed our learning environment in recent years, focusing on modernising the interior of our school, including furniture and lighting. Our most recent building project was completed last year, resulting in the creation of our incredible wellbeing space, ‘The Burrow’, with its adjoining ‘Tor Courtyard’. Along with the Burrow, our Bee Hive, situated upstairs beneath the beams of the original school, is our pastoral hub and home to our Nurture Team, including our Learning Mentor and Inclusion Manager, who run nurture and outdoor groups as well as providing specific support to individuals and small groups.

Promoting positive mental health and resilience is a big part of our vision for our pupils and the school community, and as you step outside you will see a number of areas that are designed with this in mind, from the Garden of Tranquillity and our outdoor classroom to our current project, the World Garden.

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