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The Beehive

Pastoral Support at St Benedict's

The Team:

The Beehive Pastoral Team, Mrs Jane Newbury the Inclusion Manager and Mrs Rachel Tidball the Learning Mentor are based in the Beehive on the first floor. The main ethos of the Beehive is to support children in a nurturing environment enabling them to understand and overcome their barriers to learning and enable them to develop the skills to achieve their full potential. This work takes the form of 1:1 sessions or small group work.

Arrival in School:

The Beehive also supports children on a 1:1 basis on arrival at school who need additional time and support to start their day.

During the Day:

The Beehive also provides ad hoc support during the day, at break times and lunch times for children who become overwhelmed in the classroom or playground environment.

Nurture Group:

Nurture Group forms a part of the Pastoral Care we provide at St Benedict's. The aim of the short term group is a focused intervention for children that have social, emotional and behavioural challenges that are creating a barrier for them to learn within the classroom setting. These groups are organised and developed by the Inclusion Manager and run by the Learning Mentor in the afternoon with around 8-10 children. The activities are based around stories and themes such as emotions, self-esteem, team-working, resilience and friendships. The children will work on an individual basis, in a pair or small groups.

Outside Group:

Outside Groups form a very important part in the development of children giving them ways to develop their curiosity, concentration, co-ordination and imagination. This is achieved through collaborative play. This group will be run by the Learning Mentor.