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Welcome to Cat Class - Year 3

Welcome to Cat Class!

Miss Switzer – Class Teacher

Having grown up in Glastonbury herself, Miss Switzer is thrilled to be teaching the young children of our community in this vibrant and passionate school. In Cat Class, we work hard to be a team, care for each other and support and encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves. We celebrate mistakes, persevere and make a lot of mess in the process!

Fun things we do in Year 3:

  • Learn about our earliest settlers from the Stone Age and learn all about cave paintings and how they lived in day to day life.
  • We learn all about volcanoes and even make our own exploding volcano in our pneumatic project.
  • We do a big art/history project on the Ancient Egyptians including some very vibrant scarab beatle art work and even making our own out of clay!
  • In science, we learn all about our bodies and how to look after them! We look forward to learning all the names of the bones in our bodies and find out how many we have in total!
  • ... and so much more!


Our Class TA

Miss Branton is our wonderful Teaching Assistant who looks after us all! She is always there to help us when we bump our knee or need a helping hand! She is also amazing at art which is wonderful!