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Welcome to Cat Class - Year 3

Meet the Teacher

Miss Switzer is proud to be returning to teach at St Benedict’s Junior School after having attended the school as a child. Being a local girl she is very aware of the beautiful area we live in and is excited to tap into the wondrous county that is Somerset to both enhance and support the children’s learning. As a passionate performer, it is very common to be passing by Cat Class and to be met by singing, acting and even some dance in many areas of the curriculum.

Our other adults

In Cat class we are excited to have Mr Pithers and Miss Catchpool as our additional classroom adults. Mr Pithers is a huge football fan and even runs our school club! Miss Catchpool loves to find out how things work especially in science. She loves to get messy!

What we love learning about

September 2019: We have been working really hard on pride in our work, especially our handwriting. Year 3 brings new independence and pride in our presentation is a fantastic place to start. Times tables are a continued focus as these lend themselves to help support and make connections across the four calculations in mathematics. Any practise of these at home is appreciated as always. Across the wider curriculum we are looking at our earliest ancestors in the Stone Age and printing with leaves in art. We will soon be building our own Stone Age homes in our outdoor classroom and exploring tie-dye textiles with berries.