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Welcome to Owl Class - Year 4

Helloooooo from Owl Class!

Who’s whoooo!

Mrs Ford has been a teacher in St Benedict’s for many years. She is well known for her love of Art and Science. In fact she leads these subjects in the school and has an infamous classroom cupboard that reputedly contains everything anyone might need for art or science lessons. She likes to provide exciting and engaging practical activities and is not afraid of a messy classroom! She is just as enthusiastic about history and geography so the topics in year 4 are just up her street.

In Owl Class we often work with other adults.

Mrs Wadsworth is our full time Teaching Assistant who helps the children with their work in class, runs intervention groups and is a listening ear for any problems they have. Miss Catchpool works closely with individual pupils on a 1:1 basis or in small groups. She is a whizz with IT and can be relied upon to have some amazing ideas to support our learning.

In Owl Class this year, we have a super “parliament” of owls who “Think a lot” and are not “Afraid of the dark”. They are amazing learners with lots of knowledge and skills! They are very creative; we are developing our independence and learning to be resilient when things are tricky!

This year we will be continuing our journey through history from the Iron Age to the Normans! You can rely on the staff to create some exciting, hands on activities for young owls to explore and understand our past.

We also have a strong focus on the environment, through science and geography, and will get outside and hopefully out and about to investigate the area we live in and our natural world

In English, we are really focusing on developing our reading skills. We love to read and will be sharing a wide range of texts and tales as we develop our literacy skills.

In Maths there is a big focus on learning our times tables as year 4 children take a statutory times table test in the summer. Any help with practising and becoming fluent is much appreciated as knowledge of times tables is vital.

Oh and there will be lots of art!