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Welcome to Tortoise Class - Year 5



In Year 5 we feel grown up and mature as we are in the upper school. We take responsibility for our own actions and try to set an example to the younger children. We are trying to learn how to use all of the ELLI animals in our learning.

In Year 5 we are excited to be doing lots of new things and learning new things every day. In Maths we learn complex things like adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions, calculating percentages as well as more complicated addition and subtraction, including using decimals in our calculations. We are also really enjoying applying our maths skills in problem solving and reasoning.

Our topic for the Autumn term is Carnival and we have been finding out about the beginnings of this tradition, dating back to the Gunpowder Plot in 1605. Did you know that one of Guy Fawkes’ co-conspirators was from Somerset?

In English we are writing all sorts of different genres including narrative, instructions, reports and poetry, learning great grammar and writing technique as we go!

Science has seen us learning about how to keep ourselves fit and healthy. We are enjoying visit from Mr Tremayne to help us with this and he is giving us lots of interesting activities to help us know about personal hygiene and mental health as well as keeping fit.

We are all very excited about our forthcoming trip to Osmington Bay in March. We hope to be able to overcome many fears and using all the ELLI learning animals and are looking forward to doing lots of new and exciting activities. Many of us have never been away from home and families before so this will be a great adventure.

All in all, we are looking forward to the exciting year ahead and all its challenges.